Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a lot of things.

1- people who send post cards in envelopes.
Everyday we get a shit load of mail... which just irritates me in general. I literally throw almost everything out... if you are an actor and reading this... STOP MAILING ME SHIT. Its called the internet. Anyway... actors send out these post cards. They're irritating. and ESPECIALLY irritating when I open up an envelope and find one. THEY'RE POST CARDS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT THEM IN ENVELOPES!!! The postage is cheaper! Save a damn tree! In fact, SAVE A DAMN FOREST AND STOP SENDING ME MAIL.

2- Verizon
So... This weekend I went and got a DROID, which I LOVE, in DIAMOND BAR, CA (which is an hour away from my house, I was visiting my cousins). I bought my droid, a headset, and a car charger... first of all, I'm irritated at the fact that I was dumb enough to buy accessories at the Verizon store... they're like 80% cheaper online. So I decided to return them at the Verizon Store near my house... NO... I bought them at a 'registered Verizon dealer' not a 'Verizon store' ............. so I have to go back to the store I bought them at. Luckily, there is one in Pasadena (less far away) but it is still IRRITATING.

3- Pandora
Pandora literally is the greatest invention ever invented. I was so excited about getting my DROID because I can listen to Pandora in my car... Yeah, it can be irritating when it stops and says 'still listening?' but that's something I can deal with. Today, it stopped and I said outloud to myself, 'yes i'm still listening!!!' But no.... Pandora told me that I have listened to my allotted '40 hours a month' and I would have to pay to keep listening. WTF. IRRITATING.

I'm not doing anything at work right now (clearly, with the length of this blog) and I'm going to be alone in the office for the next 30 minutes. BEJEWELED MARATHON!!!!!!!! NO. Bejeweled blitz on facebook is being updated... IRRITATING.

Friday, January 22, 2010

when spicy food makes your nose run

thats just irritating. in fact, my nose runs all the time and it is IRRITATING. that is all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

choosey beggars.

Today I stopped for donuts on my way to work... what, I've gotten really into donuts, ok? Anyway, I pull into the parking spot right in front of this 'homeless man.' He say's 'do you have any spare change?' I was in a good mood so I said... 'I might in a minute!' But then I didn't have any cash so I was paying with my card. I decided to be a GOOD PERSON and buy this man breakfast. So I walk out all cheery saying...

Me: I got you breakfast!!
Hobo: Oh, I'm not hungry.
Me: What? I got it for you!!
Hobo: I already ate breakfast and I'm on a special diet.
Me: umm... ok...

WTF. IRRITATING. He could have just taken it and a-thrown it away or b-saved it for later... if he really needs money that means he needs food! What do you need my money for you choosey beggar? Thanks for ruining my day! In the words of Kerry, Alli, whoever else thinks they came up with it....


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

when the dentist tries to have a conversation with you while you're in the dentist chair

as if going to the dentist wasn't bad enough... those bitches always try to talk to me when i'm getting my teeth cleaned! there they are scratching away, there i am cringing and they're like...

dentist: so Monica, how's work going?
me: good
dentist: so you work in casting right, what exactly do you do
me: well wah wah wah wah wah wah... YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND A DAMN THING I'M SAYING LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!


Friday, January 15, 2010


OK this one is a bit obvious. But traffic seriously irritates me. I slept over at my cousin's house the other night and it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get to work! I just don't understand traffic. I get it, sort of, there are a lot of cars at the same time which creates congestion. What I don't get is why randomly you go 3 mph and then 45 and then come to a screeching halt. There is no clear reason, no accident, no construction, not really a lot of people entering or exiting the highway... it doesn't make sense. sometimes I think theres just some asshole in the front who wants to irritate everyone. Anyway, traffic is IRRITATING... obvi.

Monday, January 11, 2010

people that send angry text messages/emails

So... I borrowed this carving knife like a year ago from this girl who shall not be named... although I might as well name her bc if she reads this she'll know its about her... but she deserves to know that its IRRITATING. I get a facebook message this morning about how the knife that I returned over a year ago was missing a blade implying that I knew that when I returned it to her and that she hasn't even used her $7.99 carving knife and its RUINED. wah wah wah. I'm like... bitch, you could have approached this differently. If she had said... hey, remember that knife... there's a blade missing... do you have it? I would have been like OMG I'm so sorry! I'll replace it immediately! But no. I get this hostile, bitchy, COWARDLY facebook message. IRRITATING. Also, I find angry text messages to be cowardly and irritating. Just man up and call me if you're angry. DAMN I'm irritated.

Friday, January 8, 2010

the curse of the gift card

Just went to Nordstrom... with a rather large gift card in my pocket. I FOUND NOTHING. Tried on a bunch of stuff on in BP, ventured on over to t.b.d.... tried to buy a pair of shoes, all the while not even looking/caring about the price. and NOTHING. They couldn't have paid me to spend my money there. Now that's IRRITATING.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People who repeat everything you say on the phone.

Just called out an an audition appointment....

The guy repeated everything I said.

Me: 1041 N. Formosa
Guy: 1041 N. Formosa.

Me: Santa Monica Ea...
Guy: Santa Monica.

Me. EAST. building...
Guy: East building.