Thursday, January 21, 2010

choosey beggars.

Today I stopped for donuts on my way to work... what, I've gotten really into donuts, ok? Anyway, I pull into the parking spot right in front of this 'homeless man.' He say's 'do you have any spare change?' I was in a good mood so I said... 'I might in a minute!' But then I didn't have any cash so I was paying with my card. I decided to be a GOOD PERSON and buy this man breakfast. So I walk out all cheery saying...

Me: I got you breakfast!!
Hobo: Oh, I'm not hungry.
Me: What? I got it for you!!
Hobo: I already ate breakfast and I'm on a special diet.
Me: umm... ok...

WTF. IRRITATING. He could have just taken it and a-thrown it away or b-saved it for later... if he really needs money that means he needs food! What do you need my money for you choosey beggar? Thanks for ruining my day! In the words of Kerry, Alli, whoever else thinks they came up with it....


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