Monday, January 11, 2010

people that send angry text messages/emails

So... I borrowed this carving knife like a year ago from this girl who shall not be named... although I might as well name her bc if she reads this she'll know its about her... but she deserves to know that its IRRITATING. I get a facebook message this morning about how the knife that I returned over a year ago was missing a blade implying that I knew that when I returned it to her and that she hasn't even used her $7.99 carving knife and its RUINED. wah wah wah. I'm like... bitch, you could have approached this differently. If she had said... hey, remember that knife... there's a blade missing... do you have it? I would have been like OMG I'm so sorry! I'll replace it immediately! But no. I get this hostile, bitchy, COWARDLY facebook message. IRRITATING. Also, I find angry text messages to be cowardly and irritating. Just man up and call me if you're angry. DAMN I'm irritated.

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