Friday, February 19, 2010

LA gas stations... BEEP.

For all of my east coast readers, aka almost everyone, you would NOT BELIEVE how many times the damn gas pump beeps at you in LA. Let me enlighten you...

Welcome to Mobil please insert card or pay cashier.

(insert card)

Registering card... BEEP

Card accepted... BEEP

Please select grade... BEEP

Grade selected... BEEP

Begin Fueling... BEEP

(a brief moment of peace)

Finished fueling... BEEP

Do you want receipt? BEEP

Press yes for receipt... BEEP

Receipt printing.... BEEP

Thank you for choosing Mobil... BEEP!



  1. Unfortunately I think this is becoming more common. The SUNOCO off the FFX County Parkway has SUPER loud beeps. So annoying!

    Tell you dad

  2. They do that in Ohio too, its so dumb and annoying and some of them beep if you want a car wash and thats like three beeps. it makes sense to have them so people know that they pushed the button all the way but they could make the beep a little less loud.