Thursday, February 4, 2010

things that smell bad

So... I got this new face stuff for blemishes... its called eradikate by Kate Somerville... I would totes recommend it. its kind of amazing actually. the only problem is it SMELLS AWFUL. I mean... that's probably why it works so well but it IRRITATES ME. I'm trying to sleep and I'm like... god what is that god awful smell? Its especially irritating when i have a 'blemish' near my nose.

ANYWAY, lets talk about other things that smell bad and irritate me...

Cheap soap in a public bathroom...... IRRITATING.

My apartment... because my Nana's dog is POORLY TRAINED... IRRITATING.

Smelly people... because they make me think its me that I smell bad.... IRRITATING.

People who would come to class hungover and smelling like alcohol... IRRITATING.

When you throw up and the smell of vomit gets stuck in your nose... IRRITATING.

People who take off their shoes and have smelly feet... IRRITATING.

Seafood (i don't like it. and i don't like it when other people order it.)... IRRITATING.

Really good food that smells bad (Stouffers macaroni and beef- yeah, i know it smells... Kerry... but its soooo good)... IRRITATING.

People with smelly hair... especially curly smelly hair... IRRITATING.

Burnt popcorn. IRRITATING.

Comment other things that smell bad and IRRITATE you... Does it IRRITATE you that I'm shamelessly begging for comments? Deal wit it.


  1. This my be awkward but I am blogging for my english class and we kind of a same subject so I am supposed to comment on your blogs once a week. But I completely agree with you about how certain smells irritate the crap out of me! Especially feet and body odor!

  2. I love that cheap bathroom soap is number 1, that is by FAR my least favorite smell in the world. So bad that it forces me to pass germs around. I did just buy some anti bacterial hand soap to go in my purse though!

  3. Old Sponges! They smell like throw up and old sponges mixed together and then you clean your counter and it spreads the smell and i'm like whaaat i just bought this sponge a week ago.