Friday, March 12, 2010

being an adult

man. it really sucks. i'm so over it.

these are the things that irritate me about being an adult:

waking up every morning at 8 AM and going to work everyday...and if you bitches comment about how you wake up at 7, i don't care, and it will irritate me.

my 40 minute commute... and if you bitches comment about how yours is an hour, i don't care, and it will irritate me.

getting gas... i used to get gas like every two weeks... now its every 5 days. and i always put it off. and i never want to do it. and its irritating. and my gas light always goes on the day i'm late... and its just irritating.

showering everyday. ok... i've always showered everyday. but it was never a chore. now i get home at 8. eat my dinner in my bed. and i'm like ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have to showerrrrrrrrrrrrr i'm tooooo lazyyyyyyyy. but i have to shower at night bc there is NO WAY i would actually wake up early enough to shower and i don't want to SMELL. but seriously... some days i wish i was just magically clean.

how at the end of every weekend there's a new work week... and its never going to end! irritating.

going to work 5 days a week... what? i have friday classes this semester? irritating.

you can't skip work like you could skip class. remember when you could skip class and no one would notice? you could just decide not to go. now its like... oh i need to go to the dentist... WELL YOU BETTER GO AT 8 AfreakingM so you don't miss work! irritating.

you can't wear sweatpants to work and its generally frowned upon if you walk in with wet hair... irritating.

taxes... wtf. irritating.


  1. hahahahaha if I wrote what time I wake up it would irritate you

  2. Monica, you are soooooo--- funny! You missed your calling as a comedic journalist. Wait a minute.--- you're still young enough to pursue this!