Monday, April 19, 2010

playing hard to get

ugh. playing hard to get is not a skill i possess and is something that irritates me quite a bit!!!!

if i like someone, i like them. i don't get why it has to be some big secret game... especially after it is established that i like them and they like me. hello!!!!

its like... ohhhhhhhh i like you but i'm going to pretend i don't that much and like i have this awesome life and i'm not just sitting around watching project runway on dvr wondering if you're going to text me.

i am by NO MEANS a feminist... but if i want to text you... i'm going to text your ass. mostly because i can't control myself and have no patience. anyway, if you don't write back, you're a douche...and i'll probably continue to text you and continue to be dissappointed/irritated!

boys.... IRRITATING!

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