Friday, May 7, 2010

word verifications

You know when you have to verify that you're not some crazy computer program thing? Well... I suck at it. I always get it wrong and i feel like a rah-tard. Sometimes I think its completely unnecessary. I sort of get Ticketmaster... so you're not buying like a thousand tickets at once... sort of... but its required to comment on a blog... give it a try! And its required to send a link in fb chat... really??? IRRITATING. Sometimes I get it wrong over and over again. I have to click on that little handicapped thing. Its like... is that an 'l' or a '1'????? is that an 'h' or an 'n'???? Whats a 'neddagge'? Is that a word?
"The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again."


Monday, May 3, 2010

Girls that try to be 'one of the guys'

why don't you try to be one of the girls and go get a pedicure or drop some dollas at Nordstrom, girl?

Girls that play sports annoy me. Ok you can play girl sports **cough cough katie its ok you play volleyball don't yell at me cough cough** But it annoys me when girls play sports with boys, example-football/baseball. I went to this friendly softball game the other night, i wore a dress and boots to ensure i would maintain my position on the sidelines. There were these really aggressive girls playing/flirting... i guess. They were yelling sports terms and running bases and things. I'm like... you're not a boy, why don't you go do some yogalates or something.. whatever, i can't accurately describe how irritating these girls were... but i was irritated. go team! home run! irritating.

Another thing that irritates me is when girls play video games. Its one thing to pretend to play video games so that your older brothers nerdy friends want to date you, but its a whole other thing if you have your own WOW account... like seriously?...shut it. irritating.

Lastly, girls that can drink alot. Please do not try to out drink a boy... its annoying, disgusting, and generally not something to be proud of. CHUGGING CONTEST!!! no. Girls... even if you're not dainty, do me a favor, pretend. Stay classy ladies... or prepare to irritate me.