Tuesday, June 29, 2010

booking flights

I want to go HOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Booking flights is so irritating. Is there a reason they have to make it so difficult? I want to go home, I want to go for as long as I can - aka overnight friday and fly back balls early on a monday... its like... 600 dollars. WHATS UP WITH THAT. All summer is so expensive. I've given up on a holiday weekend. I just want to go to my damn lake house with my best friends!!! I'm going to have to bang someone in hollywood with a private yet (sorry parents) bahaha.

Anyway... can one of my loyal readers find me a good fare?

I want to go home this summer... no holiday weekends, not the last weekend in july, and, well, basically not in august. THANKS!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Men who leave the toilet seat up

Seriously!!! Manners anyone? There's nothing worse than a man who leaves the toilet seat up. It's unbelievable! In a boy's apartment, where there are only boys living there, maybe... but in my office?? No way! If you come over to my apartment?? No way!!! DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER TEACH YOU MANNERS?!?! It's my biggest pet peeve. While we're on the subject... people who don't change the toilet paper roll! IRRITATING.

Friday, June 18, 2010

life's not fair... and it's irritating.

so... today i get to work, after running THREE work related errands... and the elevator is not working. I was parked on the 5th floor and carrying a coffee traveler, my purse, and a dozen donuts. irritating.

passed a friend on the way down.... 'the power is out! Its gonna be out all day!!!!'


So. We had a casting session. My brilliant idea to use the flip cam... SAVED THE DAY. WHAT UP.

Had a delightful morning, no phone calls, no nothin.

So... the end of the session is approaching. The power is out... we can't work... LETS ALL GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The power turned back on. irritating.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hot guys that smoke cigarettes

so disappointing/irritating when you see a hot guy and they are smoking. Even worse if you meet a hot guy and you're like... damn he's hot and then he pulls out a cigarette.

I mean... is smoking really still cool? I don't think it is... I don't get it.

What's the point? It effs up your lungs, makes your teeth/FINGERNAILS yellow, and makes you smell bad.

HELLO. Do you dumbasses know that its addictive? You're going to end up smoking two packs a day when you're 50!

I seriously just don't get the point. And I think its a complete turn off... no matter how hot you are you don't look hot smoking that cigarette.

Smoking cigarettes - ew, IRRITATING.

Ok... still kind of hot... but seriously... wag wag wag.

Friday, June 11, 2010

not getting everything i want

I'm really irritated by the fact that I can not have everything that I want. I'm also irritated that I'm so responsible with my money. If I was not... this is what I would buy right now (in order of preference):

CHANEL SUNGLASSES + prescription lenses - $400New computer because my wireless card crapped out - $600
Trip home during the summer to go to Lake Anna - $500
Plane ticket to vegas to stay in a free hotel... tomorrow... - $300
Beach cruiser bike - $100
24 hour fitness gym membership (2 years via costco)- $300
A sponge surf board - $100
Car wash by Tito- $30

Can someone please give me $2,330.00? Thanks.

Monday, June 7, 2010

gardeners and trash men

ok. its been a month since i've blogged. whammy. maybe i'm a happier person and i'm not so irritated?!! god!!! Or maybe you bitches are the ones that are irritating me and i can't blog about it because i don't want to hurt your feelings?! EVER THINK ABOUT THAT?! COMPLAINERS... irritating. haha just kiiiiding!

BUT. I do want to discuss something.


Jesus. 7 AM those fuckers were out there creating quite a riot! Generally, I'm prepared for those douche bag trashmen that come on Tuesdays but today is Monday! It seemed to go on for hours. I don't know why I didn't get up and close my window. But I didn't. Instead I just thought about how IRRITATING it was and gave them the middle finger, even though they couldn't see it...

Every Tuesday irritates me too. Its started to make me hate Tuesdays. Why does it take so long to get the trash? WHY does it make so much noise? WHY CAN'T YOU COME LATER?!?!