Tuesday, June 29, 2010

booking flights

I want to go HOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Booking flights is so irritating. Is there a reason they have to make it so difficult? I want to go home, I want to go for as long as I can - aka overnight friday and fly back balls early on a monday... its like... 600 dollars. WHATS UP WITH THAT. All summer is so expensive. I've given up on a holiday weekend. I just want to go to my damn lake house with my best friends!!! I'm going to have to bang someone in hollywood with a private yet (sorry parents) bahaha.

Anyway... can one of my loyal readers find me a good fare?

I want to go home this summer... no holiday weekends, not the last weekend in july, and, well, basically not in august. THANKS!


  1. I would like for you to come home too :( I have nothing to do at work today so I'll search for ya!