Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hot guys that smoke cigarettes

so disappointing/irritating when you see a hot guy and they are smoking. Even worse if you meet a hot guy and you're like... damn he's hot and then he pulls out a cigarette.

I mean... is smoking really still cool? I don't think it is... I don't get it.

What's the point? It effs up your lungs, makes your teeth/FINGERNAILS yellow, and makes you smell bad.

HELLO. Do you dumbasses know that its addictive? You're going to end up smoking two packs a day when you're 50!

I seriously just don't get the point. And I think its a complete turn off... no matter how hot you are you don't look hot smoking that cigarette.

Smoking cigarettes - ew, IRRITATING.

Ok... still kind of hot... but seriously... wag wag wag.

1 comment:

  1. for decades movies have glamorized smoking, making the smoker seem mysterious and pensive. however, the second you smell someone who just dragged on some chemical-infested cancer stick, the fantasy cracks open to reveal the truth... smoking stinks (on many levels). would we look at smoking differently if people walked around sucking on tail pipes? probably.