Thursday, September 23, 2010

my dependence on technology

Apparently I burned out my battery on my phone... who knew you weren't supposed to use your car charger, pandora, and google maps all at the same time? So. I woke up and my phone was dead...hmmm... did my charger get disconnected? nope... charged it all day at work... nothing. Had to go to the Verizon store... TALK ABOUT AN IRRITATING VENTURE. Anyway, the point is when my phone wasn't working I was completely PANIC STRICKEN. I've had a cell phone attached to my hip since I was 13. Not having it was stressful, and I was very IRRITATED.

Currently... facebook is down. I'm sort of convinced this is Mark Zuckerbergs way of showing the world how attached we are to facebook and use it as a reason to go see his damn movie. WELL, Mark, today is my DADS BIRTHDAY and I need to SIGN HIS WALL so he can experience the JOY of having your facebook blown up on your birthday. DAMN FACEBOOK, you are IRRITATING ME.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

people who sing in public

Last night i went to Michael's... which is generally a sketchy experience. Usually a bunch of school teachers, moms, and I-don't-know-whats. The Michael's in Santa Monica is particularly sketchy with two floors, sub-par organization, and LOW ceilings. While perusing the 50% off bead section (which I found out about in the weekly ad....being an adult is awesome) there was this overweight WIERDO woman. It began with a hum.... then a full on karaoke version of Michael Jackson's Human nature....

Why, Why, Tell 'Em That Is Human Nature
Why, Why, Does He Do Me That Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Why, why don't you SHUT THE HELL UP???

I'll admit, I'm a grocery store head bobber... but singing? I don't think so. It especially irritates me when they try to sing well. And is especially embarrassing if they are by themselves.

Next time I'm going to send evil looks in her direction instead of moving to the other aisle and rolling my eyes.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

people who put up 'hot' facebook pictures

they irritate me! i think facebook pictures should be one of three things:

1)a funny picture
2)a picture of you and your bff or boyfriend
3)a NORMAL picture of you/your face (and this is my least favorite)

I think its really annoying when people put up sexy pictures of themselves... like, get OVER yourself.