Wednesday, October 13, 2010


so... I've been inspired by Jenny's brave facebook status about her ideal man and have decided to define mine. Boys in LA irritate me... They are very into themselves... or gay.

I thought I found my ideal man... an accountant from Virginia who likes to fish... but it turns out he was kind of an asshole, didn't own a TV (see previous blog), and might have a drinking problem... IRRITATING.

So... my list of demands has grown... here it goes.

1- Has a real job... aka something in business (no offense to... myself)

2- Ideally a redneck or east coast type... something about Virginia people, I like them.

3- 5'10 or taller, so my family will respect you.

4- A big teddy bear build... I thought I was into the skinny Asians, but I've reevaluated.

5- Loves to watch TV... its my future.

6- Likes to fish/swim/boat/etc.

7- Likes to go out and drink, but does not have a drinking problem.

8- Treats me like a princess and offers to pay for everything (so I can be like... nooooooo you don't have to!!! but really, you have to keep trying)

9- Nothing about me irritates them (ha.)

10- I think I need 10 things... likes to ski/snowboard.

Too much to ask?

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