Monday, November 1, 2010

variety packs

honestly...does anyone enjoy almond joys???? Last night I went trick or treating... ok, James went trick or treating... and he got like 5 almond joys! gross. Almond Joys are the rejects of the variety pack... reeses, kit kats, crunch, butterfingers, hersheys, and then ALMOND JOYS? really?

This got me to thinking about other variety packs. They're always full of rejects... whether is the chips pack which has too many lays and not enough cool ranch dorritos...or the cereal pack with too many RAISIN BRANS and not enough lucky charms.

Why do they do this to us? are they trying to expand our horizons, tricking us into buying the lesser of their brands so we will start to like them and purchase them? are they trying to dissemble families while siblings fight over the last cocoa puffs?

irritating. why can't someone make a variety pack with only delicious options?


  1. you so funny! I already threw all of them out... hahahaha!

  2. I got a goodie pack of candy and so far I've only eaten the Almond Joy. Love themmmm

  3. You're insane Monica, Almond Joys are my FAVORITE!

  4. i love almond joys. mostly because i feel like a nut. (that's a commercial from the 70s - yes, i'm old)