Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CELEBRITY GUEST POST!! People who lose their voice and talk MORE

Per the one and only

So you have a cold? Understandable, it sure gets cold in January. Oh you're losing your voice? Poor thing. Here's what you should do: rest, drink tea, bundle up and stop fucking talking.
Why is it that people who lose their voice talk MORE?
I get that it's kind of like talking into a fan and having your voice sound like a robot's. I mean that is awesome-I think everyone can agree here. But hearing you push your voice to it's limits, talking about the lamp you got at Ikea and the sandwich you're thinking about making for lunch is making me uncomfortable.
Yeah, you did mention that you sound like you've been smoking for years. You also mentioned that you sound like a man, yes. It's funny though, because you're a woman...haha....yeah.

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  1. i especially love people who complain about how sick they are in their facebook status updates (i'm a culprit).