Wednesday, May 18, 2011

parking tickets.

how many parking tickets can one girl get??? This, I asked myself this morning.

Last night I went for a lovely dinner with my mom, parked at a meter.

Do we have to pay? Nope!!! It's after 6!!! I checked the signs... but I missed the 'PASSENGER LOADING ZONE BETWEEN 6PM AND MIDNIGHT'. Woops. Whatever, it was sofa-king cold (another thing that has been IRRITATING me) outside I just wanted to get indoors!!!

So. We leave the restaurant, still happy with our cherry parking place, and sleep easy.

Then this morning I get in my car to go to work and THERE'S A PARKING TICKET! RAWRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


SO, as irritating as THAT is... there is something else about la-city parking violations that irritates me... i'm ready to pay this F***ing thing immediately and they have NO RECORD of it.

so not only am I supposed to remember to pay it, I have to hold on to it and remember to pay it two days later??? IRRITATING.

Another thing----man I am irritated.

About two weeks ago I got a parking ticket for STREET CLEANING. Street cleaning irritates me. Do they even clean the street? Is it that dirty?

So, I go to pay my parking ticket. No record. I go the next day, no record. I call... 'No further reaction required.'

What??? Am I really getting away with this???

I GUARANTEE you that when they have record of lasts nights infraction, there will be the street cleaning violation, and probably with a late fee.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

my job is ridiculous.

today my boss told me she needed a cold diet coke immediately. there are none in the fridge, she says (note-later I found two in the fridge...irritating.)

So I walk over to production to get a diet coke. While there I decide to make myself a peanutbutter and jelly sammich. Being the amazing assistant I am, I decide to make one for my boss as well.

I get back to the office, and she informs me that she LOVES jelly and she LOVES peanutbuttter but she HATES peanutbutter and jelly, ok.

So THEN she asks me to walk back over to production, and make her half a sanwich thats just jelly, and half a sandwich thats just peanutbutter.... I scoff.... seriously?? I say....

Then she proceeds to ask me why i'm in such a bad mood! She let me come to work (half an hour) late!!!

So I go make her the sandwich.

Here it is:


(p.s. dear 'boss' - if you ever see this you can't be mad, this is both a-ridiculous and b-funny.)