Wednesday, May 18, 2011

parking tickets.

how many parking tickets can one girl get??? This, I asked myself this morning.

Last night I went for a lovely dinner with my mom, parked at a meter.

Do we have to pay? Nope!!! It's after 6!!! I checked the signs... but I missed the 'PASSENGER LOADING ZONE BETWEEN 6PM AND MIDNIGHT'. Woops. Whatever, it was sofa-king cold (another thing that has been IRRITATING me) outside I just wanted to get indoors!!!

So. We leave the restaurant, still happy with our cherry parking place, and sleep easy.

Then this morning I get in my car to go to work and THERE'S A PARKING TICKET! RAWRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


SO, as irritating as THAT is... there is something else about la-city parking violations that irritates me... i'm ready to pay this F***ing thing immediately and they have NO RECORD of it.

so not only am I supposed to remember to pay it, I have to hold on to it and remember to pay it two days later??? IRRITATING.

Another thing----man I am irritated.

About two weeks ago I got a parking ticket for STREET CLEANING. Street cleaning irritates me. Do they even clean the street? Is it that dirty?

So, I go to pay my parking ticket. No record. I go the next day, no record. I call... 'No further reaction required.'

What??? Am I really getting away with this???

I GUARANTEE you that when they have record of lasts nights infraction, there will be the street cleaning violation, and probably with a late fee.


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